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In 2005 Shannon and Liz began working together as analysts at a leading national zoning company, each rising quickly through the ranks to lead the division: supervising teams, reviewing all reports, and managing the largest clients. During the economic downturn the company closed its zoning division. Shannon and Liz worked with a new zoning firm as independent contractors where for several years they delivered the majority of all the zoning reports and provided all of the company’s client management services. 


Having worked together for nearly two decade Shannon and Liz have developed a partnership that maximizes each other’s strengths. Together they have prepared over 20,000 zoning assessments and have a tremendous working knowledge of the zoning due diligence industry.


Shannon and Liz incorporated Key Zoning Assessments, LLC (KZA) to provide a superior level of service and analysis. With a client-centered philosophy rooted in accurate analysis, responsive communications, and managerial flexibility, the Partners of KZA are able to provide customized services to meet the individual needs of each client, faster and better than ever before. KZA thrives on providing the most comprehensive customer service in the industry, digging deeper to find the right solutions (not just the easy answers), and fostering strong municipal relationships that benefit our clients year after year.


Zoning due diligence is not a product, it is a service.

Hiring the right team makes all the difference.

When you need efficient, confidential, accurate zoning due diligence you can trust, you need KZA.

KZA Partners
zoning assessment, zoning report, zoning due diligence, pzr, key zoning


$1,000,000 Errors & Omissions Insurance policy, the industry standard


A Decade of Experience

  • Partners have prepared over 20,000 zoning reports for multiple zoning vendors since 2005

  • Managed numerous large volume portfolios

  • Long standing connections with thousands of municipalities in all 50 States and Canada


National Zoning Experts

  • Industry leaders in complex problem-solving analysis

  • Comprehensive and efficient property records researchers

  • Focused on rapid information acquisition from municipalities


Dynamic Client Relationships

  • Reputations for rapid, responsive, exceptional customer service

  • Provide expert guidance to clients in conformance and risk analysis

  • Relationships with a long list of nationally renowned real estate professionals

Shannon Armel
zoning assessment, zoning report, zoning due diligence, pzr, key zoning


  • Specialized expertise in New York City zoning analysis, database research, and complex conformance issues

  • Meticulous and thorough

  • Experienced Researcher and Analyst promoted to Trainer, Team Leader, and Client Manager at multiple zoning companies

  • Zoning division Supervisor at industry leading companies

  • Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude, College of Saint Catherine, Saint Paul, MN


Liz Rodgers
zoning assessment, zoning report, zoning due diligence, pzr, key zoning


  • Expertise in research, data presentation, and communications

  • Extensive background in employee training and management

  • Tenacious and organized

  • Promoted from Researcher and Analyst to Trainer, Team Leader, and Client Manager at multiple industry leading zoning companies

  • Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, Oklahoma City University, OK


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