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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions: Zoning Due Diligence
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KZA - Common Questions - Zoning Due Dilg

Conformance Status

  • What does the property conformance status mean?

  • What makes a property Legally Nonconforming?

  • What does it mean to my transaction if the property is Legal Nonconforming?

  • Why is the property Nonconforming and not Legal Nonconforming?

  • Why do I need a zoning assessment instead of just a zoning verification letter?


The Key Zoning Assessment (KZA)

  • Why does the KZA not include landscaping, sign, or ADA compliance/ conformance?

  • Why does the assessment say “Indeterminate”?

  • Why does the assessment say “Subject to striping of additional parking”

  • Why does it seem like zoning is always the last due diligence item?

  • Why is a due date not provided for the zoning assessment?

Common Questions: Municipal Zoning Documents
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KZA - Common Questions - Municipal Docum

Zoning Verification Letters

  • What is a Zoning Verification Letter?

  • What information does it provide?

  • Why do they sometimes take so long?

  • Why does KZA classify the site as legal nonconforming but the zoning verification letter states there are no legal nonconformities?


Zoning and Building Code Violations

  • What does violation research include?

  • What happens if the property has an open violation?


Certificates of Occupancy

  • How are Certificates of Occupancy (CO) issued?

  • Is the absence of a CO a violation?

  • What is the difference between CO and Certificates of Compliance or Certificates of Completion?

  • How can a property be illegal Nonconforming, but the property was granted a CO?


Condemnation and Fire Code Violations

  • Why does KZA charge extra for this information?

  • What is condemnation?

Common Questions: Property Information
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KZA - Helpful Info from Client (002)

What information is helpful to KZA when ordering?

  • Street address(es) (essential)

  • Tax parcel identification number(s)

  • Legal description

  • Date of construction

  • Previous survey

  • Prior zoning letters/municipal documents

  • KZA will inform you if a municipality requires specific information to process the request


What information does KZA need to complete analysis (by use)?

  • Shopping center/office

  • Apartment complex

  • Self-storage

  • Industrial/warehouse

  • Hotels

  • Assisted living/retirement faciliteis

  • Medical offices/center

  • Mobile home communities

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